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Hello, my name is Patrice Gros.  I am the founder of Foundation Farm and the school that comes with it.

20 years ago I was a professional sharing a city with another 8 million busy people. Things were going well and I felt fairly content overall.  But one day,  I moved to a little valley to get away from the crowds.  With my new home came an acre of land peppered with fruit trees and a few giant oaks.  I had never gardened before, but I thought why not ?...  So I carved my first garden: heart-shaped, and barely 100 square-feet.   washing and packing next to our 1919 barn on our old farmAnd it happened: a deep life transformation of the most gentle and unexpected kind.  I fell in love with gardening.

Today, many seasons and thousands of hours of raking, hoeing, mulching and harvesting later, my passion is alive and well.  Actually, I live for it and by it. 

Our first farm was a picture perfect 12 acre-bottom-land-by-the-creek spot which had taken a full year of traveling across 5 states and 2 countries to find.  I vastly "under-farmed" its possibilities, settling on 24 "4-by-80" permanent beds set in the sweetest part of the pasture I could find.  I worked my beds with a tractor and a spader at the start of each season, and did everything else by hand, leaving the tractor behind till another year.  Each season taught me new lessons.  I planned my plantings and tracked myself very carefully and I still do.   My yields and profitability increased steadily until I found myself in a place of relative peace and ease.   My marketing also became more settled with 2 weekly farmers markets,  a handful of restaurants and a large natural food store account.  

And so just when we were getting the rhythm of the land right... we sold the farm and moved!!!  Indeed, our place was isolated and it became a real issue for my wife and kids.  After trying long and hard and seeing several families come and go, we had to let go.   So we moved 25 miles north, to a small town, built a home and started a new farm which felt more like an oversized garden.  And a new canvass it was: towering oaks just east of us, persimmons and sumacs everywhere on the property.  Far from perfect but I liked it: the soil and the terrain was right.   It stands today as a very productive one acre "knoll", right at our doorstep.

Nonetheless more was to be accomplished and in 1996 Foundation Farm was started as our family's third farm.  It represents the latest step in developing a comprehensive growing system. I invite you to discover it through the web pages of this site.  You may want to take a virtual tour of our place by clicking Farm Pics, or Contact Us with questions.

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