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Our farm is 10 acres of rich, "flattish" land with lazy slopes allowing good drainage.

I- Youtube Movies

Here are a few amateurish YouTube videos of the farm to give you a feeling for the farm landscape and basic set-up. Here are the links:


II- Description/History

Foundation Farm was founded in 2006 as a USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) certified organic farm, following 10 years of experimentation in various forms of organic vegetable growing methods.  FF is located in Northwest Arkansas, 10 miles north of Eureka Springs and 50 miles east of a thriving urban area comprising Fayetteville (home of University of Arkansas), Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville.  Immediately north of the farm is the state of Missouri.

Our bioregion is the Ozarks, with soft landscapes made of hills, pastures, woods (oaks and pines mostly) and good water (lakes, creeks, springs and ponds).  FF is in climate zone 6 and gets around 40 inches of rain yearly. The frost-free growing season extends from April 15 to October 15 on average.  Winters are coldish with occasional snows and temps reaching down to 10 degrees, allowing for a decent winter season if equipped with hoop houses.

FF is set on a beautiful open pasture.  The farm is on county land (Carroll County), and within the Eureka Springs' School District (with a school bus-stop nearby).

My neighbor, Phil, is a bee-keeper who does not live on his land but who works there year round.  There is no “problem” activity in our area such as chemical agriculture or chicken houses (which are otherwise common in our area).  The farm is tucked away, yet 2 minutes away from a gas station/convenience store and 5 minutes away from a commercial center that includes a supermarket, a hardware store and several restaurants. The closest hospitals are in Eureka Springs and Berryville (22 miles out).

   Access to the farm is ¼ mile from the highway on a county-maintained road (CR 244).  There is only one home 
  before the farm and one beyond, with very little traffic going by.


III- Business Summary

FF has been a USDA certified organic farm for 7 years, and was a cow pasture before that. Sales are through the fast-growing Eureka Springs Farmers’ Market and the 35 year-old Fayetteville Farmers’ Market, as well as a large natural food store (Ozark Natural Foods) in Fayetteville and a smaller one in Eureka Springs (Eureka Market).  The farm also sells to restaurants in Eureka and Fayetteville. 

The market place within 50 miles of the farm is vast and largely untapped and includes the Fayetteville-Springdale-Bentonville “corridor” with over 200,000 people and several fast-growing farmers’ markets (Bentonville, Fayetteville).

There are several new farmers' markets still in the development phase in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Neosho (MO), and Kimberley City (MO. 

The farm is located a quarter mile from highway 23 which is a busy connection between Missouri and Arkansas, where a farm-stand could be established.


IV Farm Fertility/Yield

Foundation Farm’s soil is peerless in the area and well documented. High production yields are attained utilizing 60 permanent beds totaling 24,000 cultivated square feet  (1/2 acre). FF has steadily progressed to the equivalent of $130,000 per cultivated acre from 2007 to 2014, in uneven and demanding weather conditions.  FF grows a full spectrum of vegetables and herbs (appendix).

The soil has never been tilled and has reached a level of high fertility over the years.  The farm’s growing system involves several sources of organic matter (mulch, manure, cover crops) to maintain a high level or organic matter.  The last soil test taken in May of 2012 (appendix) shows near-perfect soil nutrient levels and organic matter content at a healthy 6%.  Moreover, all past yearly soil tests have consistently shown no need for further fertilizing following the completion of a full growing season.


V Farm Assets

Land: 10 acres, mostly flat, of farmed land surrounded by tree lines on the North and East sides, a 4 acre organic farm to the South, and a bee farm (pasture) to the West.

Farm Set-Up: the farm is an on-going, efficient operation with all components to allow a 4-season production.  The new owner will save a significant amount of money and time for not having to set up the farm systems in place (appendix: set up costs). 

Well:  400’-deep well, with pump set at 360’, yielding 25 gallon/minute, servicing shed and field with potable water.

Soil: as described before the farm soil can be counted as a formidable asset as it stands today as a proven top-yielding medium.

Pond: large pond dug in 2006, not in use but close to all production beds.

Hoop-houses (high tunnels): a large 100' by 30' hoop-house built in 2012; three 100’X16’ hoop-houses built in 2009 and 2010, all with high-grade greenhouse plastic and galvanized arches. Total estimated value: $15,000.

Hoop-house Shelf System:  the large hoop-house is equipped with an extensive, heavy-duty, shelf system capable of growing 1,000 plus plants off the ground for additional income.  System includes a “fertigation” bypass allowing fish emulsion or other liquid fertilizer into the irrigation lines.

Irrigation System: entire farmed area is equipped with drip-irrigation, low-pressure system.  The farm is broken down in 5 independent irrigation zones with separate shut-off valves.

Misc. Farm Supplies: 200 heavy-duty tomato cages, refrigerator, shelving, green-house benches.


Packing Shed/Greenhouse: 1,600 square-foot shed entirely on concrete pad with (1) attached greenhouse, (2) insulated cool room (includes 2 air-conditioning units).  Shed is plumbed for potable water from the well and wired for a 100amp. electrical service.

Trainees Cabin: small size summer-cabin includes 2 beds and cold/hot water to sink and outdoor shower.

Compost Toilet:  separate structure for year-round use by crew and visitors.


Electrical: (buried lines) to shed with 100 amp service from Carroll Electric.

Water:   potable water from the farm’s well tested by Health Department (appendix: HD 2009 test results).


VI Price

The farm is offered for $89,000 with a transition to full ownership planned to happen between now and 2017. $19,000 of that amount may be able to be financed over 5 years at a 2% interest rate.

Closing and title insurance documents will be executed through the office of Stewart Title Corporation in Eureka Springs.  All closing costs will be split 50/50 between buyer and seller.



The following documents can be obtained by regular mail (please, only serious inquiries).

Farm founder’s bio.

Farm profitability: 1st year (estimated)

2014 weekly, monthly, annual sales by crop.

2014 profitability ranking by crop.

2014 Organic Certificate.

2012  Soil Test.

2006 Well Construction Report.

2009 Health Department Well Water Test.

2006 Farm Set Up Costs

Warranty Deed (Land Legal Description)

Misc. Land Documents



Contact Info:

Patrice Gros

ph: 479-253 7461













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