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Our Founding Fathers & Mothers...

These are the people who believed in our mission with their heart and... money!

Our Founding Fathers & Mothers...

The Shed

At times, this place is buzzing..

Fall Market

Fall was the great redeemer after a BAAAAD August

Papa and his Cukes

Proud daddy indeed. They produced heavily but fell off fast too.

Fall Lettuce with Egyptian Onions in back

Those butterheads just came together, well wrapped and late to delight our customers

Kids at Market

The giant turnip was such a hit with the kids! One great field trip for over 150 middle-schoolers.

Another Fall Market

Jessie a friend/farmer behind our Fayetteville Market table

Okra Going

Okra Going Going

Okrabsolutely Enormous

Okra grew like trees with trunks instead of stems. The only star of our summer garden hurting from an 8 week drought.

Weedless Onions???

Well not quite, as weeds crept out of the holes. Kelly is shown here, in a great show of sun-protection awareness...

Onions looking good

at that point, we still had done none to very little weeding

Swiss Chard non-stop

This early shot of our beds of chard showed promises. It went on to produce thru summer and into fall, breaking the farm's record of continuous harvesting.

Squash in its Glory

.... before it gets hit by vine borers..

It Looks like Fun

Ben and Madelaine are sweet and focused, the perfect field help and good in the kitchen too.

Fennel Bounty

Unusual homerun with bulb fennel.

Onions final

We did well in the fabric with large size and clean onions

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