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There is no feeling quite like that of catching a glimpse of a better future.  And for all those times of doubt and discouragement, we get to have moments of inner peace as if the world were about to become wiser and gentler.  Yes, we believe the farm can be an incubator for hope and a direction for our future.  All it takes is to bring our children to the field and show them a good time.  Given the chance to work at our sides, they will embrace our activities with interest and excitement.  Their visit is a perfect opportunity to reconnect them with the origin of food. 

Throughout 2007, we encouraged our local schools to arrange fieldtrips to the farm.  Clear Spring School went as far as sending their little ones to experience the full cycle of growing a crop (see details at right). 

Our goal is to reach out to more schools and all other interested community groups, and really to all wanting to come and spend some time at the farm.  All are invited to join us in our daily tasks, and to stay for lunch, as we "tie it all together" around the table.

If you know of any group which would benefit from a visit to the farm, please have someone contact us for a scheduled trip.





We had quite an eclectic bunch visiting us throughout the year: from 3rd graders to Wal-Mart corporate employees.  Check out for yourself:

Spring 2007: Marcello and his entire 3rd grade spend 3 fun-filled hours at the farm:


Sonya showed up with her graduate students from U of A.  They thought they came to visit; they ended up deep in mulch and prepped their own lunch too:


Wal-Mart is toying with the concept of sustainability in the work place.  Here are some front-runners from the corporate offices:


Let's not forget our yearly harvest party...

And more kids:





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